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About us

About Us

ARAG was first set up in 1995 and has become firmly established since 2006. It seeks to promote reptile and amphibian conservation throughout the counties of Bristol, South Glos, Bath & North East Somerset and North Somerset. It aims to improve the knowledge of the distribution of our native herpetofauna, educate the public and increase the awareness of the challenges faced by this group of animals.

ARAG is committed to achieving these aims through surveys, undertaking practical conservation projects, and assisting with local toad patrols. 

If you are keen to join the group and participate in activities then please complete the joining slip and email this to info@arag.org.uk


You can also join our Facebook group by clicking on this link - https://www.facebook.com/groups/AvonRAG/
Please note that simply joining the Facebook group will not give you membership to the full group. For this you will need to complete the joining slip and email this to info@arag.org.uk   

If you are visiting this site having seen a media clip or press release about toad patrols then hopefully we can help point you in the right direction. Please click on the Toad Patrols tab above.



NARRS Training

Posted on Wednesday 9th March, 2011

ARAG is intending to conduct the training as part of the National Amphibian and Reptile Recording Scheme on the 26th March at Elm Farm, Burnett. More details will follow once the details have been confirmed.

The training will be free to all those who have registered to survey a designated NARRS square but £10 for those who have not. All funds will be used by ARAG to cover costs of this and some future events. 

If you are interested please send an email to iain.adderton@grontmij.co.uk

Surveys in Avon

Posted on Thursday 20th January, 2011
Several areas have been surveyed in the region by ARAG volunteers, including old cemeteries in Bristol and Bath, Chew Valley Lake, Cheddar Gorge as well as part of the Mendips. One cemetery was found to contain loads of Slow-worms while these and Common Lizard were also found at a site in the Mendips. It was also a good year for snakes with Iain Adderton and Andy Ryder catching two Adders and two Grass Snakes at various sites. Unfortunately, Grass Snake numbers were not as impressive as those recorded at the same site in 2008, although it is hoped they will be better in 2010.

Hibernacula construction

Posted on Thursday 20th January, 2011
Despite having to cancel the event several times due to bad weather, which always seemed to occur at the weekend, reptile hibernacula was constructed along the banks of Chew Valley Lake. The site was chosen where several Grass Snakes were found in 2008 so it was hoped that it would be used over winter. Although perhaps not as large or complex as those used in reptile mitigation projects by environmental consultants; visits planned for 2010 should be able to determine the level of success of the project.



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Toad Patrols

Toad Patrols

If you are visiting this site having seen a media clip or press release about toad patrols then hopefully we can help point you in the right direction.

For patrols run by ARAG (Fishponds, Chew Valley, Bitton & Paulton) you can download the risk assessment & insurance forms by visiting the next tab - Toad Patrol Forms. You cannot join the group until you have completed the insurance forms so please do this before getting in touch.

For other patrols in the area please hit the link to the virtual map below. This will direct you to your closest toad patrol and will put you in touch with the Patrol Leader for that site.

If you use Facebook then you can also visit/join the Facebook group for the patrol of your choosing. For patrols run by ARAG please click on the links below. Joining the Facebook group on its own will not add you to the full toad patrol group. To fully join the patrol you must complete an insurance form by visiting the next tab - Toad Patrol Forms.  

Fishponds Toad Patrol - https://www.facebook.com/groups/FishpondsToads/
Chew Toad Patrol - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChewToads/
Bitton Toad Patrol - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BittonToads/ 
Paulton Toad Patrol - https://www.facebook.com/groups/paultontoads

To join other local patrols via Facebook please follow the links below:

Bath - https://www.facebook.com/toadrescuebath

Portishead - https://www.facebook.com/portisheadfrogs/ 

Pill - https://www.facebook.com/robdharvey/

Cameley & Clutton - https://www.facebook.com/groups/282369559920106 

Toads Patrol Forms

Toads Patrol Forms

Join a Toad Patrol by Completing the Forms Below:

We are looking for volunteers to help with our annual toad patrols. Patrols take place nightly in early spring each year. If you are interested in helping with the patrol then please download the attached files for the relevant patrol below and email the completed insurance form to the email address specified below. You cannot join a patrol until you have read the risk assessment & completed an insurance form so please do this before getting in touch. The other files should answer the majority of questions you may and further guidance will be provided when you start to patrol.   

Fishponds Toad Patrol - please email the insurance form to Fishpondstoads@arag.org.uk



Chew Toad Patrol - please email the insurance form to Chewvalleytoads@arag.org.uk




Bitton Toad Patrol - please email the insurance form to bittontoads@arag.org.uk




Paulton Toad Patrol - please email the insurance form to paultontoads@gmail.com




Photo gallery

Photo Gallery

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Contact us

Contact Us

Joining ARAG - To join please complete the attached ARAG Joining Slip and email this to Info@arag.org.uk Once approved you will be sent an email via our website.


You can also join/follow our Facebook page too. Please note that joining the Facebook group alone does not add you to our membership list for ARAG or for individual Toad Patrols.

Submitting Reptile & Amphibian Records - Please visit the Record A Sighting tab. You can submit your records directly from this tab. If you have seen a snake or lizard please also email Info@arag.org.uk  
If you have seen large numbers of amphibians on roads in springtime in an area not covered by one of our Toad Patrols please email Info@arag.org.uk

General Enquiries & Rescues - if you need assistance or need to contact us about an amphibian or reptile rescue please contact Info@arag.org.uk Please note that we are a volunteer organisation with limited resources. 




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