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About us

About Us

Re-Launched in 2019, NARG (Nottinghamshire Amphibian & Reptile Group) aims to further the knowledge of frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes in Nottinghamshire.

The group will activly support the conservation of these often secretive and missunderstood creatures.

The group assists and supports to its members with regards to training, field trips and surveys.

A main aim of the group is to generate amphibian and reptile records in order to support the conservation of these species within the county.



Notts ARG Volunteers work party on Slow Worm Site. Jan/Feb 2022.

Posted on Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

During January and February, NottsARG volunteers, in conjunction with Forestry England, took part in some habitat maintenance at a site in North Nottinghamshire.

The main species to benefit from the work are Slow Worm(a priority species for Notts) and Common Lizard.

The area had been cleared in the past but was now getting scrubbed over with Bramble and Bracken, and trees(mainly Birch) had begun to sprout everywhere, and if left unchecked, would shade out the whole area.

Two work parties over a couple of sessions cleared trees/Bracken and Bramble to make some clearings.

Some trees were left in place as they provided a mosaic of sun and shade in the spots we had cleared.

The trees and scrub we cleared were used to make brash piles, which would provide shelter for invertebrates as well as reptiles.

We have now laid down refuges across the site, which NottsARG volunteers will survey over the year, and hopefully we will have some news later in the year to report.




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Reptile Ramble 8th Sept, see events

Posted on Saturday 31st August, 2019

A great time had by all, loads of common lizards and 3 grass snakes, 

Join us and join our facebook group for pictuers and updates


Toad Counts from Spa Pond

Posted on Sunday 7th April, 2019

Launch of the Rushcliffe Amphibian and Reptile Survey!

Posted on Tuesday 2nd April, 2019

Is your parish under recorded? Have you seen our target species? See pdf for more information and enter records under 'record a sighting'. This is a joint project with Notts Wildlife Trust, Rushcliffe Borough Council, RNCSIG and other local partners.


News from Derbyshire

Posted on Saturday 30th March, 2019



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Sun 12th June, 2022 - Tue 6th December, 2022

Tuesday 6 December 7.00pm

Reptile Habitat Work Party

Sat 10th December, 2022 - Sat 10th December, 2022

NottsARG in conjunction with Forestry England will be partaking in some habitat management.


Approx 9.00-2.00 TBA


Email us if interested at



2nd Reptile Habitat Work Party

Sat 14th January, 2023 - Sat 14th January, 2023

Reptile habitat work party


Approx 9.30-2.00 TBA


If interested please email us at



Would you like to help this group?

  • We need help conducting surveys and checking new sightings

  • We need help organising our records and arranging surveys

  • We need you :-)

  • Just contact us for more info.

Do you need our help?

  • Have you seen something but don't know what it is?

  • Are toads crossing the road near you. And you want to help them?

  • Do you want us to check a site where you think there may be snakes or lizards?

  • Are you worried about snakes in your garden? (Don't be as they will be harmless grass snakes or harmless slow worms, which are legless lizards)

  • Do you know a pond that needs restoration for the amphibians?

  • Just contact us and we will be in touch.

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Join / Donate

Membership costs just £5.00 per year. Your membership will help NARG to protect the amphibians & reptile of Nottinghamshire. As a member you be able to take part in conservation events arround the county.



You can help NARG achieve its goals by a simple donation towards our activities. Donations are put towards equipment used for habitat management, survey equipment and materials for public engagement eg fact sheets.



By becoming a member you will be insured for any activities and future benefits. If you wish to join or donate then you can pay through paypal using the buttons or we can accept cash or bank transfers. Contact with your details to pay by bank transfer.



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