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About us

About Us

2023, NARG (Nottinghamshire Amphibian & Reptile Group) aims to further the knowledge of frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes in Nottinghamshire.

The group will actively support the conservation of these often secretive and misunderstood creatures.

The group assists and supports its members with regards to training, field trips and surveys.

We run various workshops, e.g. animal identification, setting up & running surveys.

We also organise Habitat restoration, Toad Patrols and Reptile rambles.

A main aim of the group is to generate amphibian and reptile records in order to support the conservation of these species within the county.

Want to help? please email us or join our Facebook Group.

Full Event info is on our Facebook Group, link below (not the Facebook - Page)

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NottsARG Reptile Survey Walk 29 April 2023

Posted on Saturday 29th April, 2023

NottsARG had a lovely morning reptile walk in Nottinghamshire today and the day started very well, as even before the group arrived we had spotted 3 Common Lizard, a good start indeed.

After everyone had arrived for the 9.30 walk, Steve(NottsARG committee) registered everyone into the event and discussed health and safety and the risk assessment for the event.

Next, the Chair of NottsARG, Kevin Clarke explained a little about the mornings walk and what it would entail.

We set off on the first transect, showing the group what to look for and also how to survey using artificial refugia.

We were very lucky to find 3 species on the first transect Slow Worm's, Common Lizards and a young female Toad.

The second transect, we allowed the group to survey  while being observed and Common Lizard were seen as well as a single Slow Worm. 

The next 2 transects unfortunately didn't produce any reptiles, but the last transect, which was lifted by 6 year old Solomon produced another Slow Worm.

We did catch a couple of the Slow Worm/Toad and Lizard (safely and wearing gloves) to enable such a large group to see the animals, after a few minutes they were safely put back where found.

All in all a fantastic morning.

Kevin Clarke

Chair NottsARG


and here's a lovely post from one of our NottsARG volunteers(Val Green).


Fantastic reptile survey walk this morning in Nottinghamshire - my first 🙂

We saw our first slow worm within 10 minutes - certainly not the last.

I didn't check the final tally but I think it was 6 slow worms, 8 common lizards and a toad.

Here are a few photos that give a flavour of the morning 🦎

I will also be posting photos and video clips on our Instagram page and Facebook page.

Note. The survey was fully licenced and permission obtained to share photos.

Val Green - NottsARG






NottsARG Amphibian Training Session 14-15 April 2023

Posted on Tuesday 18th April, 2023

With the amphibian season well and truly started, the toads and frogs have been and gone in places throughout Nottinghamshire.

However, the newts are just starting to become more active and if you are lucky, you may see them courting and laying eggs in your garden or local ponds.

The site chosen holds all four verified Nottinghamshire amphibians which made for a great night of surveying.

Three committee members(under license) led two groups of volunteers through the night and morning on the survey sessions.

The groups started with a safety brief followed by disinfecting footwear and equipment.

After the technical bits were  out the way the group learned how to survey using a torch, and learning to identify the species they came across in their torch beam.

A few newts were caught safely to allow for closer identification out of water for the trainees, this would allow some of the team to see the animals up close without struggling to identify the animals at distance in the water.

This was followed by learning how to look for and ID newt eggs that had been laid, and with careful looking we found both newt species eggs( that are present)  in the water.

After finding a suitable site we then discussed the use of, and deployed bottle traps(using the well versed guidelines and techniques for this kind of survey).

After bottle traps were deployed and carefully counted out, we then carried on our visual surveys of the areas, finishing our evening survey at approximately 12.30am.

The following morning the groups met at 6:15am to check and collect the bottle traps(making sure all were counted in that were put out) ,out of the 30 bottles we deployed we caught 2 male smooth newts.

The total amphibians seen on our survey were:-

30 Male Toads

1 1st year juvenile Toad

3 Male Frog

5 Male Great Crested Newt

2 Female Great Crested Newt

1 Juvenile Great Crested Newt

11 Male Smooth Newts

7 Female Smooth Newts

2 Male Smooth Newt caught in bottle traps

Smooth newt eggs and GCN eggs on both leaves and egg strips

All in all a fantastic session, with everyone coming away with some good Amphibian knowledge.

If you wish to join us on surveys like this then please become a member and email us at

Maiya Evans

NottsARG Amphibian's Officer


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IMG 1397IMG 1393IMG 1391

IMG 1402IMG 1422IMG 1410

IMG 7624



A view from the Chair...

Posted on Saturday 8th April, 2023

Well since the new committee was formed this year, the Nottinghamshire branch of the ARG has been extremely busy.

We have a very active amphibian team that have been working on Toad patrols, Toad Patrol mapping and engaging volunteers on these.

The team has also been busy out and about surveying the amphibians around the area, as recording these animals, wherever they may be, is crucial to providing the information which can hopefully drive measures in conserving these animals.

The amphibian team has been very successful in training up enthusiastic volunteers, and having joined one of these sessions, I can see what an amazing job they are doing.

Our top amphibian expert, Maiya Evans is proving to be a great asset to the team, and with the help of her Dad, Cameron, they are doing an amazing job.

With all the amphibian work going off that doesn't mean the reptiles are being overlooked.....

We have collaborated this year with National Trust and have just completed setting up some survey transects on their land.

Also we have set up more transects close to the National Trust site in conjunction with Forestry England.

Our main reptile focus is the Slow Worm, as being a very secretive reptile, it can be hard to gauge where they are, and one of the best ways to locate these animals is survey refuges and surveys.

We are hoping to have a reptile event soon, keep an eye out for updates on social media.

For now I will leave you with some images from the first quarter of the year.

Best regards

Kevin Clarke

Chair - NottsARG


IMG 7431IMG 7328IMG 7301IMG 7220

IMG 7345IMG 7490

IMG 7321IMG 7493

NARG - Frog Spawn

Posted on Saturday 4th March, 2023

Frog spawn seen as early as 18th Feb. ~ 2 weeks earlier than last year...

you can record your spawn sighting here PondNet Spawn Survey 2023 - Freshwater Habitats TrustFreshwater Habitats Trust

and here Record - Record Pool



Notts ARG Volunteers work party on Slow Worm Site. Jan/Feb 2022.

Posted on Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

During January and February, NottsARG volunteers, in conjunction with Forestry England, took part in some habitat maintenance at a site in North Nottinghamshire.

The main species to benefit from the work are Slow Worm(a priority species for Notts) and Common Lizard.

The area had been cleared in the past but was now getting scrubbed over with Bramble and Bracken, and trees(mainly Birch) had begun to sprout everywhere, and if left unchecked, would shade out the whole area.

Two work parties over a couple of sessions cleared trees/Bracken and Bramble to make some clearings.

Some trees were left in place as they provided a mosaic of sun and shade in the spots we had cleared.

The trees and scrub we cleared were used to make brash piles, which would provide shelter for invertebrates as well as reptiles.

We have now laid down refuges across the site, which NottsARG volunteers will survey over the year, and hopefully we will have some news later in the year to report.




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Sun 31st December, 2023

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Help & Toad Patrol

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Social Media etc

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