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About us

About Us

Welcome to Gloucestershire Amphibian and Reptile Group (GlosARG)

Gloucestershire Amphibian and Reptile Group (GlosARG) supports volunteers conserving amphibians and reptiles across Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire is a special place for Amphibians and Reptiles whether you are in the Forest of Dean, Cotswolds or Severn Vale. We would love to hear from anyone who is concerned with the conservation of our native frogs, toads, newts, lizards and snakes.

GlosARG is an affiliated group of ARG UK and aims to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Survey Gloucestershire
  • Manage existing habitats
  • Create new habitats
  • Achieve protection status on existing and new habitats
  • See Gloucestershire recognised as a special place for Herpetofauna Conservation

This isn't going to happen overnight and it isn't going to be easy, but with our passion, focus and some much needed help, we are sure we can achieve our goals. We will be organising walks, talks as well as teaching volunteers how to survey all the magnificent amphibians and reptiles we have in Gloucestershire.

We want to show the world the wonders of this special county. Please contact us if you would like to help.

We hope you will join us and thank you for your support.




GlosARG is relaunching

Posted on Tuesday 5th June, 2018

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GlosARG is currently going through the process and is relaunching. We are currently looking for people who are interesting in amphibian and reptile conservation to help set up and run your new ARG. 

If you are interested in getting involved do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for volunteers who want to help survey or learn more about local amphibians and reptiles please get in touch.

We want everybody to get involved so even if you are new to the world of herpetology come along and join in.



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Contact Us

If you are interested in volunteering don't hesitate in getting in contact.




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