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About us

About Us

Welcome to Cumbria Amphibian and Reptile Group! (CARG)

As a volunteer run group our aims are to promote the conservation of our native reptiles and amphibians here in Cumbria. Improving the knowledge of the distribution of our native species, educate and increase awareness via surveys and practical conservation.

We are looking for members that would be interested in getting involved in local conservation and receiving training, surveying, attending talks and sharing knowledge and experiences.

As a group, we offer -                                                                                              

We are available and qualified to give

  • ·School talks
  • ·Group presentations
  • ·Field trips

Training days carried out by expert ecologists

  • ·Identification skills
  • ·Species ecology
  • ·Methods of surveying
  • ·To help monitor our native amphibians and reptiles (non-licensed species only)

Social events

  • ·Walks and talks
  • ·Conferences
  • ·Presentations
  • ·Public events
  • ·Fundraising

Tailor made research expeditions in collaboration with Project Wild Gambia

As a member, you can be involved in -

Toad Patrols

Become a patrol manager of a registered road or a patroller to help to assist in helping our native common toad to their breeding ponds


Contribute to the collection of data - building a picture of reptile and amphibian distribution within our county

Habitat Management

Practical ground management improving the quality of amphibian and reptile habitats

ARGWEB Management Software

Managing membership/ managing survey direction and reporting/sharing data info to land managers, owners, stakeholders



March 2020

Posted on Sunday 12th April, 2020


The beginning of March saw the continuation of Toad Patrols in Cumbria- with very successful rescues carried out by Matt Carr (Coordinator for Cumbria Patrols) and his teams!

We have had lots of wonderful toad and frog posts on our Facebook page including excellent tadpole development footage from Wild Intrigue

We had our first AGM meeting at the beginning of March and it was wonderful to meet our members and to discuss plans for the forthcoming season - However due to the current Coronavirus events and surveys have sadly been cancelled until further notice.

Minutes from the meeting are available from

We are nevertheless keeping our Facebook page updated with various online activities and training resources for all keen amphibian and reptile addicts!

We have received a few posts in regards to the emergence of Adders with negativity attached  - we are hoping to still carry on with our plan of promoting a positive image of our Adders via the media in the upcoming weeks.

A good positive information post from ARG in response to negativity is - Adders are Amazing


February 2020

Posted on Saturday 22nd February, 2020

Toad Patrols

For more information on Cumbria Toad Patrols

Become a Patrol Manager

Patrol helper

Have information on a toad crossing


Matt Carr County Coordinator 

Screenshot 20200222 055842

Students from The University of Cumbria raising funds for toad patrols

A group of students from the Ambleside campus are holding a bake sale every two weeks to raise funds for much needed toad patrol equipment ! A big thank you to katherine and friends for all your hard work !

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Herpetofauna Workers Meeting 2020

February 14th to the 16th saw CARG committee members attend this years Herpetofauna Workers Meeting in Southport

A fantastic and informative conference- networking with other ARG UK groups, Ecology consultancies, Researchers and University lecturers -  partaking in practical workshops and listening to presentation talks.

Suzanne Collinson CARG (Chair)  presented her work on slow worm ecology.

We took part in workshops that included "Managing habitats for conflicting species", "ARGWEB - fully integrated solution for ARG management from membership to stakeholders reports" and "Will the more strategic approach taken by District level Licensing projects help improve the conservation status of GCN"

The weekend also included a Gala Dinner with a raffle raising funds for the ARG UK 100% fund.

Screenshot 20200216 220252FB IMG 1582356910834

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CARG Expedition 

Places still available ! See JULY Upcoming Events


January 2020 Toad Patrol Appeal

Posted on Thursday 16th January, 2020

We are appealing for the following:

Volunteers - To help with toad patrols (see 'Cumbria Toad Patrol' in our event section)

Information - We are asking for you to inform us of any unregistered cumbrian toad crossings, especially Carlisle and Penrith area !

Donations - With an increase in voluntary help any local businesses that could help us with the donation of essential toad crossing equipment - Hi vis, buckets and torches - we are keen to hear from you!

Email us:


Toad Carg

   Cumbrian Common Toad (Thompson 2019)

November 2019

Posted on Sunday 24th November, 2019

At the beginning of November we were invited to Lakeland Wildlife Oasis at Milnthorpe.

The visit included a guided informative talk and tour from the reptile and amphibian staff Matt and Sarah (both CARG members) 

We were shown a wide variety of herp species and gained knowlegde on their husbandry requirements, breeding projects and the benefits of the new enclosures installed 

A fantastic day a a very big thank you to all the staff at the Lakeland Wildlife Oasis !

Image may contain: foodImage may contain: plantImage may contain: plant and food

We welcomed new members to CARG and held a mid year year meeting discussing projects past, present and future 

October 2019

Posted on Wednesday 23rd October, 2019

This week we were in invited to give a talk at the University of Cumbria - Introducing the group, what with have been up to this year, what we have planned and how students can get involved with voluntary work.

pdfCumbria_Amphibian_and_Reptile_Group.pdf    (Presentation slides)


Suzanne Collinson also gave and informative talk to the audience in regards to her dissertation work "Using Identification of Slow Worms (Anguis fragilis) to Investigate Refugia Fidelity"

pdfZoo_society_talk.pdf    (Presentation slides)      Part 1  (Recording of talk to assist slides)      Part 2   (Recording of talk to assist slides)

Coming up in November - End of Season Trip to Lakeland Wildlife Oasis - See November Events !




Past Events

Show Upcoming Events

World Frog Day

Sat 21st March, 2020 - Sat 21st March, 2020

World Frog Day

Join us at Lakeland Wildlife Oasis on Saturday the 21st of March 11.00 am until 3.00 pm to learn all about our native Cumbrian toads, frogs and toad patrols with a fun craft activities and games !

Wildlife park admission fees apply Wildlife Oasis

frog photo

(R. Thompson, 2020)



Become a Member

Become a Member

The annual membership fee is £5  (free for under 16's and students).

To become a member send an email request to

Bank transfer details will be forwarded to you. 

You will receive a welcome email and login details to ARGWEB - in which the appropriate membership forms and voluntary forms will be required to be filled in for your membership.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Risk Assessment Forms


Generic risk assessment docARG_UK_Generic_Risk_Assessment_Feb_2018.doc

Lone working risk assessment pdfARGUK_loneworking_procedures_revised_July_2011.pdf

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Contact Us



01931 714 128

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