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About Us

London ARG - new year, new start! meeting JOIN US ON ON ZOOM on Thursday 28th January 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Do you live in London or Great London? Would you like to find out more about your local amphibians and reptiles? Would you like to get involved in local conservation? Then please join us on Thursday 28th January at 7:30 pm on Zoom, and you can meet some of your local amphibian and reptile groups, hear about the different projects they are involved with, and find out how you too can help!

Please note this is a free online event powered by Zoom. Please sign up on Eventbrite and we can send you a Zoom link before the event.


London Amphibian and Reptile Group is actively involved in the conservation of all native species of amphibian and reptile and their habitats in London. We aim to establish and monitor the distribution and status of amphibians and reptiles in the area, to foster an interest in amphibians and reptiles and their conservation and to develop the skills of those interested in these species.

Help Us Out!

We would like to encourage everyone who has an interest in native UK Reptiles and Amphibians to join us and become involved with conservation in the capital. We have a particular keen interest in sourcing new sites to survey and monitor if possible - so please mention us to any landowners who may have habitats they would be willing to offer for volunteer surveying* and help provide sites for future practice and training. 

We also need people to simply spread the word that we exist! A strong part of the LARG future is to become a key contact in supporting volunteers from all backgrounds in getting involved with local conservation projects, perhaps even provide opportunities to lead projects - and evolve London's awareness of it's current Amphibian and Reptile status.

*Important - In being volunteer based, the insurance and nature of our surveys are not suitable for commercial level surveys. If you require Consultancy level surveys, try CIEEM - Professional Directory.



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Contact us

Contact Us

Membership: Is currently free, please register your interest through joining our London ARG facebook page! Or send a quick e-mail message to Charlotte Brooks -

Enquiries (regarding group involvement): Please contact David Willis -

Enquiries (for general Amphibian/Reptile help): Please write to -





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