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About us

About Us

Hertfordshire Amphibian and Reptile Group (HertsARG) is a new organisation established to involve the public in the conservation and recording of reptiles and amphibians. We are developing links with other local conservation groups in order to complete projects and develop records for the County. It is anticipated that we will affiliate to ARG UK and work closely with the County recorder to develop these aims.

Over the coming months we hope there will be news of a number of interesting and valuable conservation and research projects. Should you wish to become involved, or simply to be kept updated of progress, please email your contact details to davewillisbhs@yahoo.co.uk.

If you have any questions or ideas for future work, or know of a site you think may be of interest, let us know!



David Willis - Founder

(Please email for details, upcoming projects and any unwanted animals)


Telephone: 07581121270

Mammal Amphibian and Reptile Atlas (MARA) and Herp record queries;

Dr Chantal Helm or Mr Ian Flack
University of Hertfordshire





Autumn Meeting

Posted on Tuesday 18th October, 2011
Thursday 20th October 2011 at St Albans Sub Aqua Club, CottonMill Lane, St Albans, AL1 1HJ
7pm-9pm. We will be discussing the launch of the ARG and our plans for next year. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming meeting

Posted on Sunday 25th September, 2011
This is just to let members know that in the next few weeks there will be a HertsARG meeting, probably at St Albans Sub-Aqua Club, but I will confirm this and the date in the next week. There will be a bat and light refreshments. In the meantime, I would ask you all to have a think about ideas and suggestions about tasks and projects for next year. There are a few projects being organised by other groups with which we can assist but all comments welcome.
In particular the following would be useful for consideration;
-How do we raise the profile of the group?
-How do we go about collating results of surveys/reports?
-What do members see as being the priorities for 2012?
It should be remembered that these groups only work if the membership are committed and come up with ideas and projects themselves. ARC can offer directions, but our work is really down to us, so, please, all experience, experise, comments and questions welcome. Feel free to email or call me with them beforehand.

June-July Update

Posted on Monday 25th July, 2011

Herts ARG June-July Update

Bayfordbury Bioblitz

There was a good turnout at Bayfordbury Field Centre earlier this month for the Bioblitz survey. Although the weather was a little warm for most reptiles and amphibians, a dip in the ponds found some smooth newt efts and common frog(lets). This demonstrates yet again the importance of ponds and similar environments in Conservation.

Wildlife Trust reserves- Herpetological surveys

HertsARG has been invited to undertake surveys and, where appropriate, conservation tasks, with the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT). This Trust manages excellent  habitats for reptiles and amphibians across the county, and many HertsARG members will be keen visitors.

 If you are interested in joining a Survey group, please let me know, along with the area of the county you can get to most easily.

Midwife Toads

Midwife toads (Alytes obstetricans) were reported to the ARG earlier this month in the Harpenden area. This is a non-native species with a very distinctive peeping-whistle, which, in this particular case, was causing some disturbance!

Facebook page

For those of you who are on facebook, there is now a dedicated HertsARG group. By all means, please get on and join!


Enquiries and Suggestions

There as been a steady stream of enquiries in via the HertsARG website. Please keep your own questions, comments and photos coming. You will note that there are no photos up on the website yet, but that is due to change thanks to the volunteered services of a couple of members.


It is likely that there will be an AGM at the end of the field season. If you have any suggestions as to venue or structure, please let me know.

May update

Posted on Monday 23rd May, 2011
Saturday 28th May
 Saturday's newt dipping session at Bayfordbury is likely to be cancelled, due to other commitments and people being understandably busy. Could I ask everyone to keep an eye out for promising ponds so that we could get swabbing some newts for the ZSL project.
Ponds for Wildlife PDF
ARC UK have produced and sent round a PDF (also available in hardcopy) on how to improve ponds for wildlife. However, it is very large, so I haven't sent it out automatically! If you would like a copy let me have your details.
Sightings/ Records
Please keep sightings/records coming in so we can continue building up a picture of the distribution of reptiles and amphibians in Herts.
As usual, if you have any ideas or suggestions for the future activities of HertsARG, let me know!

Hertfordshire reptiles and amphibians

Posted on Sunday 17th April, 2011
Have you seen a frog in your pond or a snake in the grass? If so, please let HertsARG know.  We can ensure that these records are added to county-wide databases which will build up a picture of species numbers in the county. Working with other organisations, we can then help focus attention on those areas which could benefit from conservation work. These records will be shared with Hertfordshire Natural History Society and the Wildlife Trust among others. Please contact davewillisbhs@yahoo.co.uk.



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Toad Crossings 2021

Mon 1st February, 2021 - Wed 31st March, 2021

Want to help out our declining toads? Several Toad crossing sites are now registered in Hertfordshire at a range of locations, and HertsARG volunteers have been helping out wherever they can. Please get in touch if you would like to help toads on roads, or know of a site where they are being killed by cars on the way to their ponds.

Contact us

Contact Us

David Willis - Founder

(Please email for details, upcoming projects and any unwanted animals)


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