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About Us



North West Wales ARG (NWWARG) seeks to involve the public in the conservation and recording of reptiles and amphibians. We are developing links with other local conservation groups, and working closely with Bangor University Herpetological Society in order to complete projects and develop records for the area.


Between our volunteers, we have the necessary licences to permit full surveys of all species present in our area, including Great Crested Newts and Sand Lizards.


We hold annual identification and training events for the correct practices of surveying for reptiles and amphibians. NWWARG also run other activities throughout the year such as habitat management, surveying and monthly meetings. Should you wish to get involved, or simply to be kept updated of our progress, please join our Facebook, InstagramTwitter, You Tube or email us at!



Sam Training                                                                                                                              Photo Credit: Sam Handy




Mae ARG Gogledd-orllewin Cymru (NWWARG) yn ymgeisio i annog y cyhoedd i gymryd rhan mewn cadwraeth a recordio ymlusgiaid ac amffibiaid. Rydym yn datblygu cysylltiau gyda grwpiau cadwraeth leol arall, ac yn gweithio’n agos gyda Chymdeithas Herpetoleg Prifysgol Bangor er mwyn cyflawni prosiectau ac i gynhyrchu recordiau i’r ardal.


Rhwng ein gwirfoddolwyr, mae gennym ni’r trwyddedau angenrheidiol i wneud arolygiadau llawn o'r rhywogaethau sy’n bresennol yn ein hardal, gan gynnwys y fadfall dd?r cribog a madfall y tywod.


Rydym ni’n cynnal sesiynau hyfforddiant blynyddol ar y dull cywir i arolygu am ymlusgiaid ac amffibiaid. Mae NWWARG hefyd yn rhedeg digwyddiadau arall trwy gydol y flwyddyn megis rheolaeth gynefin, arolygu a chyfarfodydd misol. Os rydych chi eisiau cymryd rhan, neu ddilyn ein cynnydd, dilynwch ni ar ein tudalennau Facebook, InstagramTwitter, You Tube, neu e-bostiwch ni at!




Rixton Claypits Group Photo Feb 2018

                                                                                                                      Llun Cwrteisi o: Nathan Rusli





Christmas Market Fundraiser

Posted on Wednesday 31st October, 2018
 This year we'll be running a stall at the Bangor University Christmas Market on 5th December to raise funds for our group :)
If anyone is interested in donating any bakes/cookies/cakes ect please get in touch!
We're also planning to sell some reptile and amphibian themed embroidery hoop decorations so any extra hands for sewing are welcome.
It'd be great if we could also sell a calendar featuring some local reptiles and amphibians! If anyone has any photos of North Wales reptiles and amphibians that you would like to donate for us to use please feel free to email us at 
Funds will go directly into providing transport for training days and help us run ID and licensing sessions!

Reptile Training Day- Warm weather and Slow-Worms

Posted on Tuesday 22nd May, 2018

On the 12th May NWWARG hosted a Reptile Training day at Gwaith Powdwr. Previously an ammunition factory this area now supports various reptile species, with an especially large population of Slow-Worms. Despite the early start our group was rewarded with bright sunny weather, the day began with a detailed talk on the various reptile species of the UK and the threats they face. 

After our ID talk (and a cup of tea) we headed out and began to survey. Unfortunately we didn't come across a Grass Snake, however we found plenty of Slow-Worms (along with shed skin) and even managed to catch a speedy Common Lizard. After lunch our members practiced putting their ID skills to the test and surveyed themselves, with the data collected being added to Cofnod. 

Overall it was a productive day with our members getting up close and being able to interact with our native species.

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Banner Competition - March 2018

Posted on Friday 20th April, 2018

Congratulations to Molly Mannion for winning March's banner competition with this lovely photo of a Common Frog (Rana temporaria). Stay tuned to find out who wins in April! The winner will be announced on the 24th of April.

There's still time to enter! Just head over to our Facebook page and give us 3 of your best portrait native amphibian and reptile photos. The winning photo will be used as the banner photo for NWWARG's social media accounts and website for the month!


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Toad Patrols - Feb-April 2018

Posted on Friday 20th April, 2018

Head over to our YouTube page to hear about our work with our local toad patrol in Treborth. Find out about the importance of this project nationwide from NWWARG volunteers and North Wales ARC Co-ordinator Mandy Cartwright. Thanks to Nathan Rusli for directing and producing the video.


Habitat Management - 17/02/2018

Posted on Friday 2nd March, 2018

Find out more about our recent habitat management work in conjunction with ARGSL and Bangor University Herpetological Society at Rixton Claypits Nature Reserve on our You Tube page!



Past Events

Show Upcoming Events

Amphibian Training Day

Mon 13th March, 2017

Sam Training

NWWARG will be running an introductory lecture followed by a trip to Treborth to identify native amphibians. This is a great chance to learn about your native amphibians and to learn surveying techniques. Everyone is welcome to come along!


If you're interested in attending, please let one of the committee know, or tell us you're going on the Facebook event: 




Bangor University

Brambell Building, Lecture Theatre A12 

(The large red brick concrete building opposite the Asda carpark.)




Doors open 19:00, talk starts at 19:30.


What to Bring?


Please wear suitable clothes and waterproof footwear. Please bring a torch if you have one, if not NWWARG have a couple to hand out.



What will we see?


Species we are likely to encounter are: 



Common frog -  Rana temporaria


Photo courtesy of: ARC Trust


Find out more at



Common Toad - Bufo bufo



Photo courtesy of: ARC Trust


Find out more at:



Palmate Newt - Lissotriton helveticus



Photo Courtesy of: ARC Trust


Find out more at:


Toad Patrolling

Sun 25th February, 2018

Join us on our weekly toad patrols in Treborth on Sundays. We will meet at 19:00 in the Brambell Building car park, Bangor University. Transport will be provided.



We will be moving toads migrating to breeding ponds off the road. 




Toad Patrol   

Photo credit: Axel Barlow

Bangor Science Festival

Sat 10th March, 2018


"It's that time of year again when Bangor University opens their doors to show you the wonders of the scientific world!
The live flash bang chemistry show will be back as well as the chance to see real fossils and then make your own! Don't miss your chance to hold some live reptiles and peer into the worlds of fish and others!"


NWWARG will have a stall at the festival, with native reptiles, snap and colouring sheets. Come over and visit us! It's also a chance to find out more about the conservation work we do. 


Brambell Building, Bangor University 

10:00 - 16:00


More information:…/e…/hidden-worlds-exhibition-11585 



Handling Festival

Science Fair

Great Crested Newt Course

Sat 17th March, 2018

NWWARG volunteers will have the opportunity to participate in a Great Crested Newt training course led by ARC's North Wales Officer, Mandy Cartwright. 


The training course will be held in Brambell Building, Bangor University, we will then head to Newborough for practical surveying experience.

The running order of the event has been provided below. Transport to and from Newborough will be provided. As we're a voluntary organisation, we do ask for a £2 donation towards fuel costs. 



1pm - Arrival and Introductions

1.15pm - Newt ID - Aquatic and Terrestrial phases.

2pm - Break

2.15pm - Amphibian Survey techniques

3pm - Habitat management

3.30pm - Break

3.45pm - Habitat Management Workshop

4.30pm - Bio-security and threats to newts.

5pm - Break

5.15pm - Health and Safety and information regarding survey at Newborough 5.45pm.

Finish - Food

Head over to Newborough at 6.45





Photo Credit: ARG UK

Reptile Training Day

Sat 12th May, 2018

We'll be heading down to Gwaith Powdr for a Reptile Training day May 12th! This will be a good opportunity for people to see our native reptiles such as Slow-worms or even an Adder (fingers crossed). Please remember to wear sensible clothing and footwear. You will need to bring your own lunch, don't forget! For up to date details and travel arrangements please see our Facebook Event here: If you don't have social media please email us instead.



Useful Resources

Useful Resources


ARG UK Amphibian ID Guide




ARG UK Reptile ID Guide




ARG UK - Precautions for Amphibian Disease Advice Note




ARG UK - B.sal Disease Alert




ARG UK - Amphybiocystidium Pathogen Factsheet




ARG UK - Information on submitting shed skins to Genbank




ARG UK - Priorities for adder conservation from the Vanishing Vipers conference



Contact us

Contact Us







Or Contact/Neu Cysylltwch â :


Rhiannon Williams (Chair)


Mobile: 07503 075209

Twitter: @Rhiannon_C_W


Benjamin Owens (Secretary)



Joshua Smith (Lead Recorder) 



Natasha Savage (Engagement Officer)














Upcoming Events

Upcoming events will be listed here.

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