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About Us

CRAG - Cornwall Reptile & Amphibian Group

CRAG aims to increase awareness and action on behalf of Cornwall's reptiles (snakes and lizards) and amphibians (frogs, toads and newts)
Its activities include

  • Outings and meetings to develop members knowledge of the species found in the county
  • Participation in survey work
  • Practical conservation tasks
  • We also have social activities and get togethers with other specialist wildlife groups.

The group is open to anyone who would like to be involved with amphibian and reptile conservation in Cornwall.

A small annual subscription of £5.00 is payable by all Members. New members are welcome to apply to join at any time. Please email the Group Secretary for details and an application form.

CRAG is affiliated to the Amphibian & Reptile Groups of UK.

Please record all sightings of reptiles and amphibians seen in and around Cornwall and that includes non-natives such as terrapins.



AGM and Penhale MOD event 18th May 2014

Posted on Wednesday 28th May, 2014

CRAG held their AGM on 18th May. The details of which will be circulated to all members. In summary the committee remains exactly as it was. Membership fees have been increased to the staggering sum of £5.00pa. Providing an adult is a full member of CRAG, children under 16 do not have to pay a membership fee and can attend events / activities with a parent or an individual in loco parentis.


The need for ‘members’ to complete an application form was emphasised again as without this you are not a member and therefore not eligible to attend activities / events. So if you have not done so please do so now.


Cathy kindly organised an activity at the Penhale MOD site in north Cornwall. 18 members attended and all agreed it was an thoroughly enjoyable morning. Under Cathy’s guidance we found a number of slow worms and two grass snakes. Unfortunately, we did not encounter any adders. This was particularly frustrating as we were later informed by the botanical group who were following an hour or so behind us, that they had discovered an adder basking next to one of our tins!!


Having completed the reptile survey Cathy guided us to a shallow pool and aided by Kat and Nicola proceeded to demonstrate the art of pond dipping. Several palmate newts were caught along with palmate larvae and numerous aquatic creatures.


A discussion lead by the intrepid trio focussed on the need for bio-security when leaving sites to avoid contaminating other sites with invasive and non-native species.


The next event which is being organised by Paul Smith is eagerly awaited and will focus on reptiles and hopefully adders will feature this time.

Tremough Bioblitz and beyond

Posted on Monday 2nd July, 2012

On Saturday 16th June CRAG members joined other keen naturalists at the Tremough Campus to help locate and identify the biodiversity of species on campus. Not the best of weather, but a good time was had and a few species added to the continually growing species count. However it give the opportunity to scope out the site with a veiw to making areas more reptile and amphibian freindly. At the time the group left the species count had just gone over the 200 mark.

CRAG members went on to visit Argal and College Reservoirs to scope out the possibilities of carrying out surveys on the sites.

Cornish Sand Lizards get a helping hand - Update

Posted on Saturday 26th May, 2012

During the winter months, CRAG members got stuck in to help the sand lizards by carrying out some habitat improvement work.The finished habitat looks terrific and now we just hope the lizards will think so too. Check out the photos in our gallery.

Well done everyone who gave time to help out.

We hope to have more hands on management activities for next winter.

Thamks to Paul Smith, Catriona Neal & Pete Mycock for the great photos.

A leap day of herping on the Lizard, Cornwall

Posted on Wednesday 29th February, 2012
Vice Chair of the ARG UK Panel Jon Cranfield joined members of CRAG for a spot of adder, lizard watching alongside checking up on toad and frog breeding ponds at Windmill Farm and Goonhilly Downs.

Lizards were very much evident in the sunshine with a few adders spotted. Toad spawn was found in the deeper ponds at Windmill Farm. The most interesting find was the tadpoles in small temporary ponds and puddles at both sites. The tadpoles were up to 2 inches in length.

Frog spawn in this part of the country is very early - reported to have been October to December 2011. While people are finding frogs in their garden ponds and in nature reserves in other parts of the country the frog tadpoles have been developing very fast indeed.

The temporary nature of the ponds and the early spawning may have led to a faster cycle for the tadpoles which will need to change into froglets before the ponds dry up in the late spring early summer.

See the gallery for more photos of the ponds, tadpoles and reptiles 

Cornish sand lizards get a helping hand

Posted on Wednesday 29th February, 2012
Cornwall's sand lizard colony has been given a helping hand by the group's volunteers. Overgrown vegetation was cut back to provide suitable habitat for the sand lizards in North Cornwall Coast.

20 volunteers were called upon to help throughout February. The important work will enable the lizards to find suitable environments away from the madding crowds of the public.

Further surveys are planned at the site so please do contact CRAG for more details. 



Show Past Events

Reptile Survey at Penhale Dunes

Sun 20th May, 2018 - Sun 20th May, 2018

Sun, 20/05/2018 - 10:00am - 1:00pm

This is a joint event with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Find out how to survey for our native lizards and snakes. As long as the weather is reasonably mild, we expect the reptiles at this site to co-operate in being studied.

The Reserve Ranger has asked us to put a maximum of 20 on the bookings. Attendance will be by booking only. CWT Reception will take all the bookings and send directions. To book, call (01872) 273939.

Reptile and Amphibian Surveying Workshop

Sat 28th April, 2018 - Sat 28th April, 2018

In conjunction with the Environmental Record Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS), we are leading a one-day workshop on the survey techniques and identification of the reptiles and amphibians found in our county. The workshop will include a field trip to a nearby site known for its herpetofauna. For complete beginners through to more experienced practitioners who need a brush up and structured CPD.

Location: The Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Allet, Truro

Cost: £25 for most people, £50 for those working for commercial or government organisations

Booking is essential. To download a booking form, go to or email


Contact us

Contact Us

For general enquiries please contact:

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