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South & West Wales Amphibian & Reptile Group (SWWARG) aim to halt the decline in Welsh herpetofauna and their habitat through positive conservation, awareness raising and surveying/monitoring.

SWWARG are a non-profit volunteer led organisation.We are an open group and anyone is welcome to join. You can be as involved as you like and we are always looking out for new committee members who have the time and/or expetise to take the group forward!

If you would like to become more actively involved in Amphibian and Reptile conservation, work outdoors in the fresh air and meet like-minded people then why not join us?

As a member, you could become involved with practical projects such as surveying, pond creation, terrestrial habitat restoration and creation as well building hibernation sites and grass snake egg laying sites.  We are also always looking for assistance with the springtime “Toads on Roads” campaign.

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself to be experienced, we don’t require you to be an expert!   The best place to learn about our native amphibians & reptiles is out in the field.  We are a friendly bunch and the main requirements are interest and enthusiasm.

Membership is now free. You are required to renew your membership on a yearly basis and complete a volunteer working procedures form (needed for affiliation to ARG UK Insurance, for liability protection of members).

Please contact us at enquiries@swwarg.co.uk


  • To promote the conservation of all native species of amphibian and reptile and their habitats in south & west Wales and throughout the British Isles whenever necessary.
  • To establish and monitor the distribution and status of amphibians and reptiles in south & west wales ARG including colonies of introduced species.
  • To raise awareness of the habitat requirements and conservation status of reptiles and amphibians through education and publicity
  • To provide information and advice. The group may be called upon to give advice on; pond creation/restoration, scrub clearance, creation of Grass Snake (Natrix natrix helvetica) egg laying sites, and hibernacula construction.
  • To assist in the safeguard of local herpetofauna populations by monitoring applications moving through the planning system
  • To develop conservation targets and local recovery plans for the amphibians and reptiles in the area
  • To work independently or in partnership with  BTCV Cymru, Local Authorities LBAP and Wildlife Trust Conservation volunteers, etc. to undertake habitat management. Of particular interest are pond creation/restoration, scrub clearance, creation of Grass Snake (Natrix natrix helvetica) egg laying sites and hibernacula construction.
  • To assist with undertaking specific projects, for example, Toads on Road Scheme or detailed studies of a particular site or population.


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